Tuesday, August 18, 2009


wow just a few more days to my trials and I'm still slacking.. sigh don't know what i don't have motivation to study.. this really sucks.. hope i don't screw my papers like last term.. feel really depressed now.. stop playing games with me.. just tell it to me.. the anxiety is killing me..

well today i woke up at 6.30 feeling really dizzy and warm.. so decided to sleep and see how i feel later.. thought i would still go to school.. in the end i woke up at 8.30, showered and noticed it’s so sunny. had ham sandwich for breakfast.. did everything really slowly felt so lazy this morning.. reached school and the guard told me to fill in the late form.. i totally forgot what i planned to wrote in it.. instead i wrote something really stupid =.=

Alasan datang lewat : “kereta tyre pancit “

and he told me to go to the office to give this paper i guess.. first time getting this so i didn’t bother just went straight to class.. as usual noisy as ever , 5 Cendana was :) skip all that and now recess.. had a light snack fries and iced milo.. too sweet too salty  =.= the rubbish subjects started.. and it was time to go home.. dad told me about this service that canon provide which you can send pictures to them and they would print a photo album for you.. really cool but so expensive.. its like those wedding photo albums :D Here is the link prices are from RM79-RM300+ got tons of pictures you wanna make an album out of ? do this then ! :D

went for physics tuition came home had a light dinner and ate a peanut butter sandwich left for BM tuition and it was raining so heavily.. tuition was the usual.. wish it was more fun though..

well trials are coming time to hit the books. wont be going to school tomorrow :)

byebye enjoy this picture :)


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