Thursday, August 6, 2009

last saturday :D

finally im done editing most of the pictures taken last weekend.

a day with my girlfriend and friends :) location : One Utama and Curve :D

 DPP_5258this is what happens when everybody has phones =.= DPP_5259DPP_5263joee & jia linq.

 DPP_5270DPP_5273burst the balloon :D DPP_5278 spot the so cute couple ; D


Karena Lam and some Astro guy –.- dunno his name :D

DPP_5296 DPP_5297 DPP_5298 DPP_5299 DPP_5300 DPP_5301 while the guys went and play pool and have their dinner , me and jia linq went to delicious and ordered their “delicious” duck spaghetinni.. weird name eh ? really delicious :D spotted this really cute gummy bear cupcakes !

DPP_5309DPP_5308DPP_5310   yummy : D cheese and ham tako :D

waited for the “girls” to finish their food =_= took them ages to finish their dinner.. then bought myself a pair of aviators :D heehee.. then we all walked to curve :)

 DPP_5452 DPP_5319DPP_5325DPP_5322DPP_5320    pretty lamps on sale :D as you see above they had a squash tournament :)

DPP_5326spot the only sporting person in the group that would look at the camera when im takin a picture =.= DPP_5328 heehee annoyed huh you dragon-i chefs? :D flashed them lol.. with my camera !DPP_5330haha jeremy and calvin !DPP_5331 the two loners , john and yapDPP_5339DPP_5336  yummy ice cream, oreos + something.. DPP_5341DPP_5343 the happy girl with her ice cream :DDPP_5342 the ballz :DDPP_5346 jeremy and yap gettin ready to cucuk some bola :DDPP_5347 john being really irritated my camera lol =.=

DPP_5348 jeremy :)DPP_5371 DPP_5372 the holy pop ! DPP_5385 not to forget calvin too !DPP_5387went to mcD to have our dinner :) DPP_5396calvin’s crazy idea =.= he wanted to jump shot towards on coming traffic.. lolDPP_5398 DPP_5389 DPP_5392DPP_5405   dont get how many mcD they need in one place? O_o they currently have 3 this is their 3rd one..

DPP_5407 accidentally took this while runnin across the road.. the security guard was yellin at us for standing in the middle of the road.. well obviously on the curb la lol..

DPP_5411 2-4-7 ! 24/7 ! lol –_-

DPP_5409DPP_5413 calvin teaching jia linq what to do for the jumpshot lol.. in the end she didnt jump instead it was yap lol.. where is jeremy ? he went to borders to buy something :)

DPP_5416DPP_5415  the two jumpers =.= PLEASE MIND YOU STEP ! O.ODPP_5418“not happy ?” says yap lol.

Prepare to see something epic lol..DPP_5428 TH3 AS1AN EXCHANGE ! LOL !

DPP_5434 DPP_5439 haha nice expression man !

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